Lists & Tasks – basic concepts

Lists & Tasks #

ListoWP implements Lists and Tasks concepts familiar to anyone who uses to-do apps like Apple Reminders, 2DO, Todoist etc. Thus, it inherits all the basic concepts from these applications.

Tasks #

A Task represents a single to-do item. It generally comprises of:

  • A title – short summary of Task at hand, for example Buy Rammstein tickets.
  • Optional description – longer description of the Task, contains any details necessary to complete it.
  • Optional deadline (due date) – if the Task is time sensitive, the user can define a date by which the Task should be finished. If the due date is still in the future, the Task is scheduled, and if the date is today or in the past, the Task is expired.
  • Optional recurrence rule – tasks with a deadline can be defined as recurring – once a task is closed, a new one is created with a due date adjusted for the recurrence rule.
  • Task status – defines whether the Task is finished (done) or not – in that case it’s to do or pending.

Lists #

Tasks can be organized into Lists for easier management. ListoWP has both Custom Lists (created by the user) and Smart Lists, filled automatically based on predetermined criteria such as status, deadline etc.

Custom Lists #

Users can organize their Tasks into Lists of their choosing. For example, user might have one List for Travel, one for Groceries and one for Work. They would then organize the Tasks in the Lists according to their preferences.

Smart Lists #

Smart Lists automatically gather Tasks based on preset rules:

  • Inbox – Tasks not assigned to any Custom List. Handy to store ideas before assigning them to a Custom List or just as a container for all Tasks if the User has no need to break them into multiple Custom Lists
  • Scheduled – Tasks with a due date. Useful to quickly review all tasks that have a deadline.
  • Recurring – Tasks with a due date and a recurrence role. This way users can find all their tasks that have a recurring schedule.
  • Expired – Tasks with a due date in the past.
  • To Do – open Tasks (not done)
  • Done – finished / closed Tasks

Further reading #

Please read the Lists & Tasks configuration documentation to learn how Smart Lists can be customized by the site administrator. Frontend (user facing) aspects are further documented in Frontend – Lists and Frontend – Tasks.