Installation & initial setup

Installing ListoWP #

ListoWP Free #

ListoWP Free is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. As such, it can be installed like any other plugin from the repository. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to to your Site Admin > Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for ListoWP
  3. Install & Activate

ListoWP Pro #

ListoWP Pro is only available through this website. This means it needs to be installed manually.

  1. Download the purchased package from the My Account page
  2. Go to to your Site Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  3. Select the downloaded ZIP file and upload
  4. Install & Activate

Setting up the user interface #

ListoWP can be displayed to your WordPress users in the front-end in a variety of ways. Unless you have a specific scenario in mind (such as using it in a sidebar or an integration), it’s best to put it in a dedicated Page.

Using a page #

  1. Go to your Site Admin > Pages > Add New
  2. Give the page a title, for example “Tasks” and set up an URL of your choosing
  3. Add the ListoWP block or [listowp] shortcode
  4. Save the page

Using an integration (Pro) #

Please refer to the integrations documentation for more details.

Other options #

Sidebars & block/widget positions #

ListoWP design is fully responsive, so it will be comfortable even in a page sidebar or other block/widget position. We consider this to be a beta feature, however. Please make sure the area is not extremely small/narrow. Currently we recommend at least 250 pixels width and 350 pixels height.

Floating panel (planned Pro feature) #

This feature is in planning stages, but it’s worth mentioning already. We plan to add a sticky “bubble” attached to one of the browsers edges, which when clicked will open a floating panel with ListoWP embedded comfortably inside. This will let users access their Lists and Tasks from absolutely anywhere.