Full record of all new features, improvements, fixes & translations ever introduced to ListoWP

ListoWP 1.1.0

  • Oct 17, 2023
  • NewColumn view for Lists: kanban-style boards for Custom Lists
  • NewSingle view for Tasks
  • NewDeep links for Lists in List View and Column View
  • ImprovementFull-screen mode is now edge-to-edge to accommodate bigger Column view
  • ImprovementShow Smart List icons in admin configuration
  • ImprovementConfig reorganization
  • ImprovementPhase out the "sidebar" user preference and instead remember their last choice

ListoWP 1.0.3

  • Jun 5, 2023
  • NewAbility to set icons on custom Lists
  • NewThe "done" icon in List header now toggles done Tasks visibility when clicked
  • NewThe Lists panel can now be collapsed/expanded
  • ImprovementList icons show on Tasks when browsing in Smart List context (except Inbox). When clicked, they open the List
  • ImprovementDesign of the "new" buttons
  • ImprovementAdded CSS to hide the native WordPress login/logout block in ListoWP context for logged in users
  • FixBetter handling of "initials based" List icons if the name contains special characters and spaces
  • FixOpening the date pop-up on a "done" task results in the pop-up being hidden under the tasks below
  • TranslationsJapanese translation is now 70% done

ListoWP 1.0.2

  • May 15, 2023
  • Translations100% translation for Russian

ListoWP 1.0.1

  • May 10, 2023
  • ImprovementUser preferences now have saving/success indicators
  • ImprovementAdded a loading indicator when deleting a List or a Task
  • ImprovementWhen opening a date interface, if the Task has no date, automatically suggest Today
  • ImprovementAfter GDPR wipe is performed, reload the page and apply default user preferences
  • FixSwitching Lists should not show previous Tasks while loading
  • FixRemoved race conditions leading to duplicated entries when "save" button was clicked rapidly
  • FixFixed a REST route conflict with another plugin with a similar name.
  • TranslationsUntranslatable string in configuration
  • Translations100% translations for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese & Spanish

ListoWP 1.0.0

  • Apr 17, 2023
  • NewUser preferences: ability do define default sort order and whether to hide done tasks
  • NewMobile list view is now under a button instead of always-on
  • ImprovementMinor layout improvements around deadlines and date picker UI
  • ImprovementLight & Dark mode color improvements
  • ImprovementAdd "new item" button to new lists
  • ImprovementMobile performance & UX

ListoWP 0.9.6

  • Mar 28, 2023 • BETA7
  • ImprovementDeadline time picker now respects WordPress 12/24-hour clock
  • ImprovementDeadline date picker now respects the ListoWP date format
  • ImprovementDeadline date picker improvements: the entire field now triggers the picker, the placeholder is more user-friendly
  • FixTask counts are now properly updated when Tasks are moved between Lists

ListoWP 0.9.5

  • Mar 21, 2023 • BETA6
  • NewTask deadlines can now be recurring
  • NewTask deadlines can also be set with time
  • ImprovementTask deadline setting is now a drop-down menu
  • ImprovementBuddyBoss integration: added extra explanation to the "position" option as BB does not number the profile tabs from "1"
  • ImprovementSeparate activation script for Pro related options & database tables
  • ImprovementAdd a warning if admin is trying to activate both Free and Pro at the same time
  • FixPeepSo integration: wrong use of slug & label
  • FixEdited tasks couldn't be dragged
  • FixPlugin activation resets configuration

ListoWP 0.9.4

  • Mar 10, 2023 • BETA5
  • ImprovementUser preferences are now contained in the ListoWP container
  • TranslationsUpdated translations. New translation: Macedonian.

ListoWP 0.9.3

  • Mar 9, 2023 • BETA4
  • ImprovementPhased out the "add" buttons and added placeholders for New List and New Task on top of the respective containers
  • ImprovementThe "done" Task strikethrough now has some transparency

ListoWP 0.9.2

  • Mar 6, 2023 • BETA3
  • NewDark mode
  • NewConfig: dark/light mode switch
  • NewRecurring Tasks are mostly implemented, just missing the UI to set recurrence rules
  • New"Recurring" Smart Lists that will contain all recurring Tasks
  • NewUser Preferences drop-down in the lower left corner
  • ImprovementPhased out the usage of "a" tags where not necessary to improve mobile UX
  • ImprovementTooltips are not shown on mobile as they interfere with tap actions
  • ImprovementFurther reorganization of the UI
  • ImprovementDone/Not Done switch is now on the right, with more contrast
  • ImprovementIcons for editing and expanding description are now on the right and show on demand
  • ImprovementDone Tasks are no longer semi-transparent,added strikethrough to title
  • ImprovementDate picker improvements
  • ImprovementDisabled tooltips on mobile
  • ImprovementImproved fullscreen mode for extremely wide monitors
  • FixDate picker not showing in Mobile Safari

ListoWP 0.9.1

  • Mar 1, 2023 • BETA2
  • NewAdded basic GDPR features (export, delete)
  • NewConfig: setting to enable/disable GDPR functions
  • NewConfig: setting to enable/disable debug log
  • ImprovementMoved "due" counts in the sidebar to a notification bubble in the List icons
  • ImprovementAdded list meta (open count, done count, due count) to the List headers
  • ImprovementLong list meta (counts over 1000) are now shortened to 1k, 2k etc
  • ImprovementMoved delete icons (Lists and Tasks) to the Edit UI
  • ImprovementAdded "no description" placeholders for Lists and Tasks
  • ImprovementImproved & styled List and Task edit UI
  • ImprovementAdded tooltips to multiple buttons
  • ImprovementSwitched to latest FontAwesome (6.3)
  • ImprovementDate UI & datepicker refactoring. Short date is now used for due dates this year. Long date for tasks due in any other year (past or future)

ListoWP 0.9.0

  • Feb 27, 2023 • BETA 1
  • NewTask deadlines can now be set
  • NewConfig: customizable date formats (long and short)
  • TranslationsThe following languages are at least 90% done: Polish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian

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