Support Policy

Updated at 2023-01-01 (“we,” “our,” or “us”) is committed to providing great customer care. This Support Policy explains what level of support is provided and under what conditions.

This Support Policy applies to our website, and its associated subdomains (collectively, our “Service”) alongside our application, By accessing or using our Service, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to our Support Policy.

Definitions and key terms

To help explain things as clearly as possible in this Support Policy, every time any of these terms are referenced, are strictly defined as:

  • Company: when this policy mentions “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it refers to MJWP, LLC registered in Delaware, US – that is providing technical support outlined in this Support Policy.
  • Customer: refers to the company, organization or person that signs up to use the Service.
  • Service: refers to the service provided by as described in the relative terms (if available) and on this platform.
  • Software: refers to the software provided/sold by in form of WordPress Plugin(s) ListoWP and ListoWP Pro.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We reply to all support tickets in the order they arrive in our system, prioritizing ones sent by active license holders. We are a small team operating 9-5 EST. We do our best to respond within 2 business days, but in some cases, it might take up to a week.

Technical support for ListoWP is provided exclusively to paying clients who have active support coverage. This means an active Yearly license key or clients who are still within the first year of their Lifetime license. Inactive, expired, invalid or disabled license key holders do not have access to technical support.

We only provide support to requests coming from the e-mail address/account related to the purchase. We do not support account transfers, delegating other emails to ask questions, etc.

Furthermore, technical support is provided exclusively to the domain names (websites) registered under the active license. The number of websites to which technical support is provided depends on the license key purchased.

We operate Monday to Thursday 9 AM – 3 PM EST. The guaranteed SLA is 5 business days.

Customer Responsibilities

Submitting Support Tickets

Any and all support, including but not limited to technical or billing support is provided exclusively via ticketing system we have in place on The Customer must open any and all tickets using the contact form provided.

Any and all communication with the Company through channels other than the Support Tickets (including but not limited to social networking, phone calls, chats) is not guaranteed to be responded to. Contacting us via channels other than Support Tickets is not considered a valid way to contact us in order to receive support.


All support is provided exclusively in English. If a Support Ticket is opened in any other language, we will use Google Translate to try and understand the question and then we will reply in English.

Describing The Questions / Issues Well

The more details the Customer can provide in the support ticket, the better. Especially in case of technical issues, the Customer is required to provide a detailed description including the steps required to reproduce the issue. Vague, incomplete or badly formulated support tickets might affect our resolution times.

Providing Access To The Website

In some cases we might require access to Customer’s website to debug the problems reported. This might include temporary administrative access. Refusal to provide such access will result in no further Technical Support being provided.

Repeated refusal to provide website access will result in permanent refusal by us to render any further Technical Support.

Not Covered In This Support Policy

Incompatibility With Other Software, Server Environments And Other External Factors

We will do our best to keep our software conflict-free and are happy to receive reports and try to fix the issues if we can. However, we do not guarantee our product to work error-free with every piece of software out there, including – but not limited to – plugins, themes, server setup, etc. This also applies to site migrations, backup restorations, and other operations that in any way transfer and/or modify the data related to our software and Customer’s website.

Modified Or hacked Code

As our software is Open Source and under GPL, as such you’re allowed to modify the code however you see fit. However, we are not required to provide technical support for modified or hacked code – thus no technical support is guaranteed if you use any custom code for our product.

Customization Requests

Our software is provided ‘as is’. Our Technical Support is responsible for helping the Customer set up the product and receive bug reports. We do not guarantee that any custom code will be provided to the Customer for free. We might offer professional services instead.

Outdated Software

Technical Support is only provided for the most recent version of our software. No support will be provided for any older versions.

Abusive Customers

We reserve the right to completely refuse further service without refund to any Customer we deem rude, abusive, and/or vulgar. In such cases the Customer’s subscriptions are canceled, the website account closed and the credit card permanently banned from our payment processor.