To Do, Doing, Listo!

ListoWP is a beautiful and modern to-do & reminders plugin for WordPress.

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Each task has a title, an optional description & due date. Scheduled tasks can be defined as recurring with a predefined schedule.


The plugin has a number of smart lists that automatically organize tasks based on their status & due date. Users can also manually organize tasks in custom lists.

Intuitive interface

The interface is designed to be familiar, similar to desktop and mobile reminders apps out there.

Even if you haven't used an app like that before, the UI is very intuitive, with drag-and-drop functionality to sort and organize tasks.

Make it your own

Custom lists let you set name, description and one of hundreds of icons for easier visual identification. Admins can also enable, disable and rename the smart lists for all users.

Users has their own preferences, allowing them to control the default sorting, done tasks visibility and other aspects of the application.

Mobile friendly

ListoWP is optimized for small screens and works perfectly on tablets and phones. Since it's based on a REST API, native mobile apps are also possible.

Full screen mode

The full screen mode provides great distraction-free workspace and works especially well on mobile.

Powerful config

Our administration panel allows you to control smart list visibility and names, display style, date formatting and privacy (GDPR and similar).


ListoWP integrates with three popular plugins: PeepSo, BuddyBoss and WooCommerce. When enabled, the integrations add a ListoWP section to user profiles.

Beautiful dark theme

Does your website use a dark theme? ListoWP has one built in! Simply enable it in the plugin configuration and enjoy a solution that blends well with your website.

Speaks Your Language

ListoWP is available in English and several other languages thanks to professional translations and contributions by our community translators.

We have included regional dialects (for example French - Canada and Spanish - Colombia) whenever possible.

If you'd like your language added , please contact us.

Not Your Average WordPress Plugin

ListoWP is designed with technical excellency in mind. It does not compromise quality, performance and scalability and uses the best engineering practices.

By avoiding some of the common ineffective design patterns it sets itself light years apart from most WordPress plugins.

Fully front-end managed

Unlike standard WordPress solutions, ListoWP content management is done entirely in the front-end of your website. Your users never need to enter the WordPress Dashboard, allowing for a seamless front-end experience.

Custom database tables

Our plugin does not use native WP posts tables (as opposed to most WordPress plugins). This way we avoid performance drag on other parts of your website and limit the potential for plugin conflicts.


ListoWP is a Single Page Application (SPA) based on REST API and Client Side Rendering (CSR). This gives us an incredible flexibility in feature implementation, styling, and - in the future - ability to add native mobile apps.

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We will give you a full refund, no fuss. That's a promise!