Supported languages #

Thanks to community submissions and professional translations, ListoWP is available in English and several other languages.

The plugin will follow the language setting of your WordPress site. If you use a language not present in ListoWP, it will default to English.

Languages currently included in ListoWP are:

  1. English (default)
  2. Dutch
  3. French
  4. German *
  5. Italian
  6. Macedonian *
  7. Polish *
  8. Portuguese
  9. Spanish *
  10. Russian
  11. Ukrainian

Translations in bold are by professional translators. An asterisk * marks community contributions. Some translations are based on both sources.

My language is not on the list #

You can help us translate ListoWP to your language by contributing via a special translation website we have set up. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

If you do not wish to contribute translations yourself, please contact us – we will consider hiring professional translators to handle it.

I found an error in the translation #

Similar to the section above, you can either contribute a fix or contact us, so we can include the fix in our plugin permanently.