New release: ListoWP 1.2.0

Introducing basic list sharing – ability to collaborate on your lists with other users.

What’s new

Collaboration – list sharing

We have implemented basic list sharing, which allows multiple people to collaborate on one list. The feature is very basic however, and will need to be expanded with activity log, comments and notifications in the future.

RIght now it is however possible to share a list with other people and work on it together, which is a major improvement over previous versions.

Listo 1.2.0 allows sharing a list with other site members


In the recent months we have been heavily experimenting with React Native, a framework that allows building native mobile apps alongside with web apps with little extra effort. Our current focus is rewriting ListoWP front-end to React Native. This will allow us to move faster with new features, and build a mobile app (Apple and Android phones/tablets) on top of that.


A full list of changes can be found here.