New release: ListoWP 1.0.3

Custom list icons, collapsible sidebar, and handy UI shortcuts.

What’s new

Custom list icons

It is now possible to set a custom icon on any user-made List. Simply click the icon next to the List name, and a dedicated interface will pop up. Here you can search icons by keywords (English only) and choose one or reset back to “List initials”.

To make things easier, the search interface will attempt to search for icons relevant to the list name. If nothing is found, generic icons for “list” will be returned.

Users can now choose one of the hundreds of icons for their custom lists

List icons in Tasks

If you have a lot of custom Lists, browsing Smart Lists can become a bit confusing since you don’t always remember where you put each task. For this reason, we have added list icons inside Tasks, when viewed in the Smart List context. For example, if you are browsing Scheduled Tasks and have 20 items there, belonging to 5 different Custom Lists, you can now easily see where all Tasks are. The List icon also acts as a shortcut – clicking it will open that List.

When browsing a Smart List, a small List icon shows next in Tasks, to easier identify where they belong

Quickly showing & hiding done Tasks

The icon representing done Tasks in List headers is now a button that will quickly toggle user’s “show completed” preference. It works in every list except “Done” and “Open”. It’s now much easier to show and hide done Tasks without the need to go into preferences and change it there.

Clicking the “Done tasks” icon quickly toggles the “hide completed” user preference

Other improvements

We have added a collapse/expand button to the Lists panel on bigger screens. Collapsing will result in more space for the Tasks, and Lists will be only shown as icons. This step prepares a bigger canvas for the Columns view planned in the short future.

The “new list” and “new task” buttons have been slightly redesigned to better blend with the rest of the interface. We fixed some issues with auto-generated List initials when a List had special characters or multiple spaces in its name. A small z-index bug was fixed, which led to the date UI on done Tasks being hidden under the Tasks.

ListoWP 1.0.3 features a new design for “New…” buttons and a collapsible sidebar


All ten translations added in the previous release are still complete, meaning we took care of translating new phrases related to the new icon UI. The Japanese version of ListoWP is also in progress, currently at 70%.


A full list of changes can be found here.