New release: ListoWP 1.0.1

The first of many regular updates to ListoWP is here!

What’s new

Due date improvements

If a Task has no due date, opening the date interface will now pre-set the due date to “today” instead of staying empty. Quickly scheduling high-priority tasks is now easier.

If a Task has no due date, opening the date interface now defaults to “today”.

Loading indicators & interface responsiveness

To improve user experience and make sure we communicate well when things are processing, we added loading indicators to user preferences and the delete buttons. It should be now more clear that after clicking an option or a delete button there is some action running in the background.

Progress and success indicators were added to user preferences and delete buttons to provide a more verbose interface.

We also improved the handling of situations where rapidly clicking a button would fire an action more than once – for example when creating a Task and clicking “save” rapidly would sometimes create multiple copies of a Task.

Switching Lists now works better – the Tasks belonging to the previous List are hidden immediately, instead of waiting for the new List to load.


The following translations were completed and shipped in this release: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese & Spanish.

ListoWP 1.0.1 ships nine complete translations, with more on the way.


A full list of changes can be found here.